1920x1080 cool tumblr wallpapers and backgrounds

Cool bright tumblr backgrounds mostly 1920x1080 resolutions with a few others as well. there's despicable me 2, abstract colours, burst, neon coloured smoke, green highway at night and a astronaut cat Click around the site and see the large collection of mobile phone and desktop wallpapers we have for you guys and dont forget to share on facebook and twitter too :) Maybe even set them as facebook timeline covers.

Change up your tumblr wallpaper with one of these beauties, just download ,set it as your profile background and your crusin.

I never really embraced it until last year and since then ive gone pretty crazy with tons of blogs with the most popular of mine being the fallout game one. Actually come to think about it, most of mine are game related with only my favourite claasics making it in.

Im pumping out new stuff all the time, some hit some miss but it all depends how much demand there is for the topic. Have fun with these covers of various bits and pieces like space kitty.

All this talk has got me in the mood for some updates to my blogs and maybe even creating a new one. Its one of my fav publishing apps so i like to make quick installments of new posts here and there and wait for the notifications to come pouring in.

  • astronaut cat
  • green night highway
  • neon smoke colours
  • abstract
  • colour burst
  • orange electric fish
  • close up amazing colors
  • motivational quotes be better