the augusta national golf course wallpapers hd masters 2015

The augusta golf course is located in augusta, georgia. united states and is one of the famous golf courses in the world. Tiger woods played there for the 2013 masters so we decided to make a section for these augusta national hd wallpapers for desktop in 1920x1080 including the golf club too. This course is one of the most famous and scenic in the history of gold so its no wonder why it draws so much attention. Im no good at golf but if i was i would love to hit a few golf balls around at augusta national someday, who knows maybe i will.

At augusta national you will find magnolia lane that goes from the entrance to the clubhouse. There are 61 trees down the side of magnolia lane and its said they have been growing since 1850. Each year the masters are played there and i hope you are all watching this year for the 2014 tournament. In the meantime just enjoy these hd wallpapers of one of the favourite courses of all time in golfing history.

The augusta course will usually be closed from May through to October and is a nice 140 ha in size. Augusta's green fees are a cool $1000 and go to augusta and the charity called "grow the game".

Holes Of Augusta National Golf Course Aerial View Images

here's a nice aerial view of the augusta national golf course displaying the holes 1-18 in an image.

Aerial flyover video of the augusta national golf course

here's an aerial flyover video from youtube that goes for 7:34 showing you the different holes and the beauty of the augusta national course.

"Schon lebendige golfplatz tapete" means beautiful vibrant golf course wallpaper in german and the last image isn't of augusta but its that good i had to include it.


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Mixed Size Desktop Wallpapers


Several of these images are the masters 2015 and the rest span from 2013 to 2014.

2015 Masters Golf At Augusta News And Info

The masters is in danger of having more than 100 players this year (2015) and that's something they havent had since 1966 when there were a total of 103 competitors.

In the masters they like to give the experience to a smaller number of top golfers and not dilute that experience you could say but this year its looking very close to the 100 mark already with more time left still to qualify.

Also to be taken in will be the winners of the Texas Open and Houston Open if they dont qualify yet so the numbers are rising again.

Three out of the top 50 international players are guaranteed a spot at the masters (No. 35), Bernd Wiesberger of Austria (No. 41) and Branden Grace of South Africa (No. 43).

So we have already reached 98 but this is the masters and not the other three majors which have a whopping 156 players. If that was augusta there would be a lot of issues that would arise from that many golf players in addition to the degrading experience gained from playing with a much smaller set of competitors.

Anyway gear up with these augusta national golf wallpapers for your desktop in beautiful crispy 1920x1080 hd :)

These augusta national background pictures and the masters background images were not taken by us and all rights go to their respected copyright owners.