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Philosoraptor is at it again with his pondering of life and every day things that slip right by us. Philosoraptor memes make you think about things you may have never even thought about and they make for some some great memes, even if some are a bit silly. If he was real the only thing he'd be pondering is how to eat you like on the Jurassic park movies. Be thankful he's extinct and not trying to make you his dino dinner for tonight.

My meme speciality is song memes, i just cant help replacing song lyics with new words that make it quite funny and probably too dirty. Il admit that probably 50% of the songs i parody end up being overly filthy so thats why i dont really publish anything much for fear of getting sued. If you have a good idea for a cool meme then make one and put it on the internet so everyone can see it.

Funny philosoraptor memes above are:

  • Zombies have a living room
  • head over heals
  • zombie bites a vampire
  • deaf person language
  • two people catch mono equal stereo
  • make a mess with cleaner
  • deaf yawn equal yelling

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zombie meme philosoraptor dinosaur living room
philosoraptor meme funny head over heals
philosoraptor meme dinosaur zombie vampire
philosoraptor dinosaur deaf person language meme
funny philosoraptor dinosaur meme catch mono
funny philosoraptor dinosaur make a mess meme
funny philosoraptor dinosaur deaf yawn meme


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