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Technology's got us obsessed to the point that were using some sort of mitts for outdoors? If your outdoors then aren't you occupied already? In funny meme land making a salad just got more interesting with your vegetables challenging you to a dance off and arnolds getting a bit stressed over getting to the charger in time. Throw in an arnold schwarzenegger meme and im pretty happy with anything people can come up with as long as its not political or anything boring like that. Canada is still home to some weird things, perhaps thats where that otter is sliding around. One things for sure though, that dog shouldnt go to the snow any time soon.

So many hillarious memes for nearly every topic you can think of are all out there. If its not there then you should get out there and create it. Making memes is too easy you just find a good image and use an app on your phone to add the text and your done. Upload it on facebook, imgur, twitter or whatever you like. Dont forget to brand them with your nickname or maybe your facebook page for credit.

My sense of humor is pretty litteral so when i saw the cat is actually on the phone i had to laugh. If someone tells me to throw something in the cupboard il throw it in the cupboard, yes it gets old but its still funny to me.

Funny mobile phone memes and more above are:

  • before the battery lets out
  • technology gone wrong
  • samsung galaxy guardian
  • marios got a weakness with the turtles
  • dancing carrots are up for a challenge
  • camouflage dogs whereabouts are still unknown
  • otters like slides too
  • arnold schwarzenegger phone chopper (charga)
  • cats on the phone
  • grandma got a nw mobile phone

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