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Anything with donald trumps hair and im somewhat amused but throw in an animal song meme with a pun and im in for sure. No pun intended if you look at the amish segway, that's kind of technology there isnt it? I've never owned an iphone so cant comment on the map meme because i avoid apple products over the hype. Enjoy the funny memes and the puns that go along with them. If you like the philosoraptor memes then check out the whole category we have dedicated to him and his ponderings

I think memes would have to rank amoung some of the highest searched for images on the whole internet. One of my favorite is one that is probably spot on with my sense of humour and thats a star trex meme with the captain holding a log (see if you get that). They dont have to be funny, they can also be very clever aswell which is just as good when it comes to memes.

You could make a million memes from school alone, especially high school. When it comes to expensive things like textbooks you just buy them second hand from someone. I remember hitting dried gum under the tables at school and it was pretty wrong whe it happend.

Funny memes above are:

  • School study memory erased
  • sheep baby dont heard me
  • dinosaur philosoraptor
  • iphone 5 map
  • amish segway
  • donald trumps hair
  • baseball the musical
  • true expensive textbooks
  • when someone has gum

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