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You would be mistaken for thinking that these memes are all drug affected if you look at the frozen ice arm, unicorn, toilet paper cat and the freaked out dog. All we need now are some cats and cucumnbers and we are set. Its so cold that even the ghosts are freezing, people are seeing unicorns and animals are being whacky as usual in animal land. I'm not really sure why the ol seagulls are being discriminated against, maybe the sign isn't real I'm not really sure. There's more of what your animals get up to while your out, come home early an they might get caught. There's quite a few animal memes going on here, it wasn't made like that on purpose however. Someone's stating the obvious there with the wet floor sign in the pool.

Memes memes everywhere but not a drop to drink, err what? i think ive been staring at memes for too long. Try your hand at making a funny or whitty meme, its not hard at all. You just need a sense of humour and or a bit of imagination to get things going. Music lyrics are great for a beginner, just change some words in a song to something funny and see how people react to it.

Funny memes above are:

  • So cold the ghost is frozen
  • unicorns and drugs
  • dog freaked out about a cute sheep
  • cute dogs kissing face
  • cute cat sees your home early
  • someone's being funny with a wet floor sign
  • seagull breaking the law

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