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Sinking cars, drinking cars and berts been arrested for god knows what. What on earth is going on here, memes are that's what's going on here. Baby's growing up, baby's got back. There's a place for your snickers and even a cat. Enough dr suess seriously im freaking myself out here just enjoy the memes I've found for yall to laugh at. No more rhymes i promise.

Memes have been around for many years, they just wernt called memes and they didnt take off as big as they have today. I think once something gets its own unique name it becomes easier to locate online. Like i said they have always been around but were basically know as funny pics or even more descripivly known as funny captions. Meme apps have made it so fast and simple that everyone is making then nowdays.

Funny star wars memes above are:

  • Wild drinking bus
  • its the original cat
  • sinking subaru
  • phone baby time to move
  • on just got real berts been arrested
  • baby got bach
  • the place for your snickers

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