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Moray eels back again with his usual jokes, clever eel. There's drunk babies, jack sparrows and  a whole heap of other funny memes here. Give me a moray eel and a jack sparrow meme any day and il be pretty happy with those guys. I think its because i do the jack sparrow voice when reading the text, i mean how cant you hear him saying some of these things. I love how i met your mother so memes from the tv show are alright with me, especially if its a barney meme. Frogs are being harrased by chameloion lizzards, jack sparrows still buying his girlfriend bad presents and theres the real deadpool.

Add a pic, put some funny text over the top of it, chose your font size etc and youve got yourself a meme. So its no wonder millions of new funny memes are being created each month by people like you and me. Thanks to all the apps out there, its very easy to make them on your phone on the go. They can be rude, clever or even a bit insulting sometimes.

Funny memes above are:

  • moray eel gravity joke
  • drunk baby this little piggy
  • jack sparrow girlfriend
  • spongebob usb safely
  • deadpool pool?
  • how i met your mother
  • nature frog and lizard

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moray eel meme gravity funny
meme drunk baby this little piggy
jack sparrow girlfriend meme
funny spongebob meme usb safely
funny meme deadpool
funny how i met your mother meme
frog lizard nature meme


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