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We have got some strange memes going on here. There a little cheesy, a little rude and a little bit offensive. So if you can take a joke then check them out. Please don't take offence to the women meme its only a joke meme so dont take it seriously at all guys. A mixture of random funny memes here with a bit of everything from cartoon rudeness to to time travelling heroes. Putting one does not simply and frozen together was a pretty good with the let it go quote. That scooby doo one though, id really like to know what makes it look like scoob doos got one going. Had a nice win in a claw machine recently scoring a toy story rex on the first play, so pretty happy with that one.

Great meme ideas just pop into your head when you least expect it, they just come to you. Memes are really just funny captions over images if you think about it. Ive made a fair few in my time, some wernt recieved well ans others were. Once you get itno the the swing of things you will find that they just come flooding into your head if you stick with it long enough.

Funny joke memes above are:

  • woman make a sandwich
  • one does not simply frozen
  • moray eel jokes singing computer dell
  • zelda and dr who hearts rude scooby doo
  • rude scooby doo claw machine
  • girls upload a diploma instead of half dressed pics
  • Kitchen cheesy feel grate

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