funny dog memes red dot trashed tail

They're chasing their tails, taking photos of themselves and being tricked into going to the vet as usual. Its the dog memes and they're pretty funny just like the cat memes but with doggy styles. Its a dog thing to have trashed your house and to be calmly standing next to it like its nothing at all because there was a fly or they thought you weren't coming back. Theres animals for you, cant live with them and cant live without the furry little buggers.

Over the years more and more funny meme websites have popped up that dedicate the entire site to memes, some designed and categorised better then other however. I thought it is time to start out on the meme bandwagon and create a section on my site for memes too. I like to organise things by category and type, i do still put up random memes pages that arent in common with each other however.

Dogs love getting up to weird things, do they do it for attention? who knows. Im not saying that cats dont because they do but they arent as reckless and generally like clawing at things. Cats love to fit themselves into weird places like basins, boxes and vases.

Funny dog memes above are:

  • One red dot to rule them all
  • dog oh my gawd
  • taking a selfie
  • never coming back home again
  • bad dream can i sleep with you guys
  • this isn't the park
  • catch the tail today
  • skip the bowl
  • cute meloting dog rug

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