funny chuck norris memes

Chuck norris memes are one of my personal favorite, his extra tough martial arts makes great memes. He's breaking rocks, leaving giant holes in the ground and even scaring away anyone including death. He's got the television show walker texas ranger that went from 1933 to 2001. You should see some of the funny memes and photoshopped pics out there that people have made. My favorite is him ninja kicking a kangaroos head off.

superman wearing chuck norris pajamas lie detector test confessing daring lawn to grow cute through hot knife with butter the flu gets chuck norris shots death doesn't have the courage

Memes are created about anything such as celecbrities, music lyrics, tv shows, animals and anything you can think of. Some of them you wont appreciate unless your in a particular job, follow a particular show etc because the are in jokes. Ofcourse these only make up a small number of meems out there and most people with get the majority of the jokes they come across.

Funny memes above are:

  • School study memory erased
  • sheep baby dont heard me
  • dinosaur philosoraptor
  • iphone 5 map
  • amish segway
  • donald trumps hair
  • baseball the musical

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chuck norris memes lie detector
chuck norris memes lawn
chuck norris memes hot knife
chuck norris memes flu
chuck norris memes death


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