Lg g3 wallpapers 1440x2560 quad hd

Lg g3 wallpapers are very quickly populating the net and im talking about pictures that were created as 1440x2560 wallpapers and not just increasing the size through a graphics program. If made correctly as these quad hd wallpapers are, you will notice a seriously sharp quality image that is basically flawless when viewed on the lg g3 or any 1440x2560 pixel supported device.

How it looks when viewing full size on a pc is not how it will look on a 1440x2560 screen handset, wallpapers for lg g3 and any other quad hd mobile phones have a smaller screen then a pc so the result is a very crisp image.

If you are using  a tablet that sports a 1440x2560 pixel screen then you can use these with no problem at all and is the same with any device. Nokia, samsung, sony all have at least one cell phone to their name with a screen size of quad high definition.

Lg g3 wallpapers below are:

  • music abstract
  • headphones music
  • green grass
  • flowers
  • fish
  • face
  • simple landscape
  • neon purple lines
  • neon glow
  • earth

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