Lg g2 g3 htc one max s m8 mobile phone wallpapers

For a whole heap of models including the lg g2 lg g3 htc one max one m8 and one s or any other full hd phone ive put together a few 1080x1920 mobile wallpapers. These include and under water guitar, cartoon snail, pinball machine, bright colors, blue hearts, abstract creepy, balloons, abstract, funny nike, funny evolution, funny cute, squirrel nuts, spectrum, a cute dog and rainbow colors. This is one of the brightest and most colorful collections i have come up with for full hd handsets and i hope you are pleased with these images.

These hd mobile phone wallpapers are designed for

  • G2
  • G3
  • ONE S
  • ONE M8
  • ANY 1080x1920 SCREEN
  • Of course these aren't limited to the above devices as stated in the last point and can be used on a quite large variety of mobile phones and even certain resolution tablets.


1080x1920 Mobile Categories

1080x1920 Mobile Wallpapers


The Above 16 Mobile Backgrounds Consist Of:

  • under water guitar
  • cartoon snail on plant
  • cool pinball machine
  • bright colored abstract waves
  • blue neon hearts on a black background
  • creepy abstract metal smoke
  • colorful balloons
  • bright colored abstract lines
  • abstract with neon blue and gold
  • funny nike just do it tomorrow
  • funny evolution timeline
  • funny and cute cartoon sheep and lion
  • squirrel come play with my nuts
  • spectrum of neon colors
  • cute smiling dog
  • rainbow colors whirls