Hd minecraft mobile phone wallpapers 1080x1920 steve creeper

Get your bricks off with some full hd minecraft mobile phone wallpapers of the creeper, steve and some nice landscapes. It has become an all time classic with its pixilated game play grabbing millions of dedicated fans downloading all sorts of mods and extensions that have been created for the game over the last few years of its history. There's some of steve and a heap of the creeper if that takes your fancy so get downloading them. There are minecraft desktop wallpapers if you would like to spruce up your computer with some backgrounds of this great game.


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Minecraft Facts

The original title cave game but was eventually changed to be called the name we know today, minecraft. You are able to shoot yourself with an arrow if you fire it straight up in the sky. Ore is actually not any more likely to appear near dirt rather that its just that you are digging more blocks up then you are mining with a pickaxe. An egg has a very tiny chance of hatching 4 chickens at the same time, the chance of this happening isn't worth trying over and over again. Something you may not already know, if you name a sheep jeb_ it will change color and continue to do so. There's a small chance (1 in 10000) that the game title will read minceraft not minecraft.