Google nexus 6 wallpapers 1440x2560 quad hd

Google nexus 6 wallpapers are 1440x2560 quad hd pictures designed to be used on a phone with a screen resolution of 1440x2560. The file size is considerably larger but definitely worth it when you see how they look on the right device. this screen size is still relatively new at this point and don't have the numbers behind them that normal hd ones do but they are quickly becoming more popular as more and more devices are released supporting this resolution.

You can download these via pc and the transfer using usb or bluetooth or wifi, it really doesn't matter as long as you get them.

An image is an image when it comes to mobiles so it makes no different whether your handset runs ios or android and anything in between. New devices are being released constantly with bigger better displays so it won't be long until this resolution is adopted widely.

Google nexus 6 wallpapers below are:

  • color waves
  • color splash
  • butterflies japanese fan
  • blue flowers
  • abstract flower
  • paint colors
  • ninjago jay
  • hot air balloon
  • flowers color
  • field

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