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Download Free Mobile Phone Software Applications Download For Cell Phone

Download Free mobile phone software to your cell phone. Should work on sony ericsson nokia samsung lg and motorola models. Some of these application require use of your wap (mobile internet like) service. For example windows live messenger needs to use the internet on your mobile phone to communicate with your friends.

These are some of the best mobile applications around and are 100% free to download.

Download Free Mobile Phone Software Applications



Below You Can Download Free Mobile Phone Software

Mobile Emulators

Download free mobile phone software its quick and easy with our quick links to related files. Get downloading now.



Meboy allows you to play gameboy and game boy colour games (roms) on your handset for free.

Meboy has been around for several years with lots of version updates in its time

Watch a video of meboy

See meboy here.



Antsnes is a snes emulator allowing you to play Super Nintendo entertainment games on your mobile phone for free.

Currently the newest version of antsnes does not have sound but does support touch controls with the built in touch controller on screen.

Antsnes requires a bit of work to set up and get going.

See a video of antsnes



gpSP stands for game play Sp and allows you to play Game Boy Advance games on a phone.

it was originally designed to play GBA games on the Sony PlayStation Portable and GP2X.

play on phone - i mean it, there's a lot of fiddling around with this one. if you give up easy give up now lol.

play on psp

Play on ipod

There are also versions for the iPod  and the iOS

gpsp is created by Exophase



Picodrive (Sega Megadrive)

Picodrive is a sega megadrive and genesis emulator

Picodrive v 0.60 For S60v1

Picodrive v 0.60 For Symbian Phones


IM (instant messaging)



Fring is a chat program that allows you to use msn on your phone. its similar to ebuddy and is a great app to have when your out and about.

Fring also connects you to your friends that use, ICQ, Google Talk, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo! all in your contacts window.

Using your phones internet fring allows you to make voice calls, video calls and even send files like photos etc.

I use fring, i think its one of the better mobile chat apps out there. I quite like the sounds it makes during chat when you receive a message etc.



Fring screenshots

Download Fring



Ebuddy is a mobile chat program similar to fring and it lets your phone use MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook.

It has a few nifty features like allowing you to take a pic and send it to your friends, or even set it as your photo all from your camera.

you can even send offline messages. when your friends are offline which is a nice feature to see in a mobile chat app.

Ebuddy is a must for staying in contact while your out of your house. Its also convenient having all the major social services in one easy to use app.



Ebuddy screenshots

Download EBuddy


Opera Mini

This is one of my personal top mobile apps

Opera Mini is a cellphone web browser that lets you get the full web experience. You can do he usual, view your favourites, pictures and songs, pause and resume downloads etc. Opera compresses the web traffic making it load pages alot faster than most browsers.

Opera mini really is one of the best must haves for your phone. Its an essential part of mobile web browsing.

Id advise against it but opera mini can remember your passwords if you allow it to do so.

You can view the web in landscape mode (sideways) and even synchronize your bookmarks (saved pages) with your pc.

On the home screen you can have 9 thumbnail preview favourites (minus one for the my opera page) as seen in the screenshot this makes for one click loading of your favorite most used sites.

I use opera web browser pretty much every day and it makes a great browsing companion to your device. Functionality and reliability are great. You will probably even find that it speeds up your browsing experience without image compression.

Opera mini screenshots


Download Opera Mini


Mobile Torch

Torch app turns your phone into a powerful torch by using either your screen or your camera flash. This ones a winner folks, helps me fishing in the dark.

Download torch


Mobile Facebook

Mobile facebook lets you update your facebook status, contact your friends, and see invitations etc

Read More


Aol Radio 1.1 For Apple Iphone And Touch (iPhones and iPod touch only)

Access hundreds of CBS radio stations from the United States for free.

You will be able to access news, sports, talk CBS radio's WFAN-AM and 1010 WINS in New York, KLSX and KROQ in Los Angeles, WXRT in Chicago, WVEE in Atlanta and even more. Version 1.1 now supports the EDGE network.

CNet Download.com rates 5 Stars.

Note - You will be directed to the itunes store and you must have itunes installed for the link to work.

Download Aol Radio


Google maps



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