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Purple lightning mobile phone wallpapers taken by people with really fast reflexes and a great shutter speed lol. Check out the mean storms that produced these wonders below, i wouldn't want to be caught up in that. Some of natures most exciting and terrifying all at the same time with many different colored skies. I like lightning but you wouldn't catch me out there with my camera waiting for a good strike, you couldn't entice me enough.

Lightning strikes are fun to look at when they light up the whole sky like a giant light bulb but you dont want to get hit by one of those bolts or you will sure be dead from electrocution. Watching it on the ocean is incredible and makes you wonder if it does much to the fish out there

During storms i like to watch for the bolts that are very close, they scare the hell out of you but they are an amzing site. Ive never whitnessed one hitting an object like a tree or an antena but i hope to see one eventually if im lucky enough. When the sand gets hit it makes glass from it melting although how often the sand becomes a target im not sure.

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