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Get paid to take surveys online in your spare time and increase your income. Getting paid cash for surveys is what its all about and can be profitable. Online questions for cash have been around for many many years and have many people devoting all their time to them because of the success they have with them.

Why do them for cash and what can you expect?

All you do is join up for free, fill our your profile so they can offer you the opportunities to you that will be the most beneficial. I cant stress enough how important it is to fill out your profile 100 percent to the best of your ability. Without filling it out to the best of your ability, you are missing out on all the opportunities.

Free paid online surveys

What sort of questions are asked?

Well generally its the usual age sex and location to start off with then they move into the subject matter which could be anything from when you took your last holiday to how you go about choosing products when you go shopping for groceries  etc. These are just a few examples of possible questions that may be asked during the surveys.

What and how much can you expect to get?

What Do They Pay In

  • Cash

  • Paypal

  • Shopping vouchers

  • Online competition entries

We make it clear which companies pay you in what payment format


You need to understand that they come in all different lengths and pay in all different amounts. One day you may be paid $5 for a 20 minute one and the next day you might be paid $3 (these are purely examples). The amount you  make depends on how much the company that needs the answers are paying the paid surveys company to conduct the it. Some days you will get offered a really low one and some days you will get offered high paying ones. The trick is to ignore the small ones if you don't think its worth the time and just do they ones you think are fairly rewarded.

If you would like to make money taking surveys then scroll down and read our description of our favorite companies. We will tell you which companies have what and what to expect from each of them. These are a really great way for people of all ages to get some extra income.

These are some of my favorite companies below

Pureprofile, snapdollars, spidermetrix, lightspeed panel, opinionworld, emailcash, toluna, valued opinions, qualified opinions



Some sites give you the chance to win paypal cash, entries and prizes. If you invite friends and people you know you will receive a bonus amount for it.

I have personally recommended the companies below


  • Answer the questions. Answer questions about your lifestyle and be paid. Get $5 to join snapdollars.

  • Click on ads. Click on ads that are shown to you and be paid. Sometimes they are in your email.

  • Refer friends to sign up. You can refer friends that want to join and make cash for referring them. Even refer people off your website if you have one.


The First 6 companies below actually pay you every time you refer someone to them


Refer Friends And Earn More

So you can also make more money quicker by referring your friends - This is very useful if you have a lot of friends or run a website. Further down is Spider Metrix, they offer pay pal and referrals.


Cash Crate (a little money maker)


Get one dollar instant for signing up

Cash crate is a nice addition to my list.

One of the best things CashCrate has going for itself is its referral system


Join Cash Crate






Surveysavvy is a new addition to my list. Not a bad website with great offerings.


Join Surveysavvy





Vindale is probably one of the best out there. They are free and upon signing up free you already have $7 worth of them to do which is a great start. I cant stress enough just how important it is to complete your profiles on these sites so that you can get the most out of it..


Vindale had huge earnings potential.


Join Vindale here

Pure Profile

Pure Profile is a very nice addition to this list. Its my favorite website. They might be using paypal soon.

Pureprofile is great, they are usually quite short and pay nicely for your time. They have other ways to earn too. Just sign up, log in and its totally free

Pure Profile has to be the best designed site ive ever seen.


earn money taking online surveys

Join Here

4 stars from me

Pure profile pays you if you refer a friend to them even if someone signs up from your website

Spider Metrix (Paypal)

Spidermetrix surveys


Spider Metrix is great, they offer frequent surveys and many other ways to get points.

Reward are paid in many ways


* money

* donations

* vouchers

* paypal


Easy laid out site.

4.5 stars from me.  Spidermetrix lets you redeem for paypal as well as other rewards for doing their questionnaires. They also have a referral program so you can refer your friends and earn more money.


Join Spidermetrix



Snap Dollars


snap dollars surveys


Snap Dollars is a great site, they offer cash for your time. They aren't frequent. BUT they have tons of offers you can take up and be rewarded very generously indeed.

They send out many paid to click emails weekly and also offer free sweeps tickets daily for you, which you can play to win $5, $500, $1000 for the winning daily numbers. Its like keno really. -- If you refer friends or people off your website they actually pay you $5 plus a recurring 10% of their earnings.

They give you 5 dollars to join, your earnings are always displayed on the page.

Join Snapdollars

4.4 Stars from me.


thinkaction here


Rewards Central



Rewards Central is one of the best out there, their not that frequent. (about a week ago there was a $20 one)

They specialize in rewarding you with points from online shopping, which can be converted to cash or vouches.


Doing their online paid questionnaires is a great way to make money.

They offer your rewards in a check, when you earn a certain amount of points.

Rewards Central offers a free daily guessing game which, gives you free guesses at the days lucky numbers. If you win you get up to ten dollars.


Also you can play rock paper scissors and if you win you can get ten dollars. Rock paper scissors is played with game tokens which are cheap as chips and you use your rewards to play.

Each day you can earn 5 points by taking 1 question and also viewing a sponsored ad.

If you refer a friend or someone signs up from your website they will pay you $2



If you do a lot of online shopping you will benefit most from email cash the most, but you will still benefit very nicely if you don't do any online shopping.


Join RewardsCentral


4.2 Stars from me.


Valued Opinions


Valued opinions lets you earn in the form of shopping vouchers etc.

Valued Opinions is one of the easiest sites i know of. Its well laid out and simple to get the them done. They pay in gift certificates for places like Woolworths, Dick Smith, Tandy, Big W and Coles just to name a few.


They aren't that frequent but you will accumulate quite well if you stick to it. They pay well.

Typically between $2 and $5 sometimes more.


Rewards come in Woolworths, Coles, Itunes, greater union just to name a few.

You can even donate to charity.

4.5 Stars form me





Ciao (gone)

Ciao is a nice little panel that pays out in small bits many times a month.

Ciao usually pays in amounts of say 2.50 on average , but don't let that put you. At the end of the month you can acquire quite a good little piggy bank.


Ciao has a nice little site, eye candy if you ask me quite clever actually.

What i like about ciao is they are very thorough in explaining and showing you detailed information about what and when you earned


Your earnings can be sent straight to your bank account or paypal account Paypal is virtually an online bank account that you can deposit and withdraw money for things you want, say maybe you want to purchase a dvd on a site and you can use your paypal money or even transfer it to your bank account


You fill in the profile about your self with things such as:

  • Travel

  • finances

  • motor vehicle

  • career

  • technology and internet

These things increase your chance of being invited and most importantly that you qualify for them.

Ciao is very well explained and laid out in an easy to navigate site

In my books ciao gets 4 stars from me

Ps. Sometimes ciao gets very tight and offers shockers like 0.93c for 20-35min.





Qualified Opinions


Qualified Opinions is a great site that pays out many many over the month. They pay in lottery tickets by giving you a syndicated lot of ten games per questionnaire you complete, even if you don't qualify

Plus you can win prizes instantly if your lucky.

Completing a Questionnaire also gives you entries into the monthly draw.

By the end of the month you have tones of entries and lotto tickets under your belt. So i suppose technically its a paid online surveys company.






paid online surveys a scam ? no not at all. This has been around for a long time and it not true.