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These are the most common resolutions

If a wallpaper for mobile does not look correct on your screen it because you chose the wrong size, dont worry just select another size below.

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    These numbers are what's known as resolution or number of pixels within the image. Generally the bigger the physical size of the screen, the larger the number of pixels there will be as demonstrated below.

    We have 9 main resolutions including 240x320, 320x480, 360x640, 480x800, 640x960, 720x1280, 1080x1920, 1440x2560 and Desktop.

    If you dont know your screen resolution you can goolge your phone model and have a look or dont worry about it and try a particular size and see how it looks

    These image sets are always being added to so you can download the best quality images and never get through them all. They are exceptionally made but also have that simplistic look and colour depth to them. Good on the creators of these fine cell phone wallpapers for creating mini works of art for our screens. We also have telstra, nokia phone wallpapers, sony ericsson, motorola, samsung and many more within the categories containing the brands in official and unofficial images.

    Download free mobile wallpaper on your cell phone today, bookmark and come back for more when your over your last one. Other websites offer a wap service and that's what we were looking to do in the next few months but we feel there's no need anymore as these funny and cool backgrounds can be downloaded strait to your cellphone handset using the net or save it straight off your handset.

    We love suggestions on what to add to our website, so if you have a piece of information or wallpapers for mobile phones you would like to see here then please contact us and let us know about it. If you are a supplier of mobile content that is at no charge then contact us and we shall see if we can't display it on our website free of charge so that our visitors can enjoy it. In the mean time locate an image you want, save it to your pc and transfer via data cable (USB) bluetooth or infrared and there you have it..

    Resize A Desktop Or Mobile Wallpaper Yourself

    If you need to resize any image including a ton of them at the same time, we want you to use a program called Irfanview. This is a free program and easy to use to convert your photos, graphics and anything else. The program takes a little bit of use to get the hang of but its much more customizable than most of these other resizing apps. Its great if you want to resize one from an i phone to a handset with a different screen size. Just add an image and resize it by entering in your screen resolution eg 240x320, 320x480, 360x640, 640x960, 720x1280, 1440x2560, additionally you can crop it

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    This is how it will look

    Simply copy the following code and paste it into a webpage

    Free mobile wallpapers

    240x320 and 320x480 Categories only below (see top of page or side navigation for different sizes of wallpaper)

    Each category image links to a category on that topic, each category has many pictures in it and some even have sub categories like Sport > Golf for example. You can jump to any category page from every page and even search at the top of the page if your having trouble finding something in particular.


About Categories

We have been busy adding new categories lately and expanded these galleries to over 30 primary categories with subcategories within each. This is just the beginning, we are hard at work adding more for your enjoyment. Wallpaper Categories above include:

  • Digital
  • Art
  • Brands
  • Cartoons
  • Nature
  • Funny
  • Bright And Colourful
  • Music
  • Love Hearts

Just to name a few of course.

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