Free cool custom twitter backgrounds

here's the coolest and brightest free cool custom twitter backgrounds to download and set on your profile for a better looking profile. Here we have everything from abstract to neon images and these have proved to be the most popular according to various sources around the net. You can also use these on google plus and facebook etc. so try them out and dont forget to try different images on your account.

  • stars pink
  • skulls
  • circles
  • japanese art
  • funky art pattern
  • flower pattern
  • cute icecream
  • cute fish
  • funny cartoon giraffe
  • bright colorful dots
  • abstract glowing flowers
  • 3d pipes

Mixed Size Desktop Categories

Mixed Size Desktop Wallpapers


Social profiles like twitter need a bit of customization once and a while so why not switch up your background with some of these funky colored images.

Using them on fb is fine but we have much more suitable sizes for that on our facebook covers section. These graphics are of a random size and dont stick to one size but generally they shouldn't show any seriously noticeable warping or stretching.

That last one of the different colored pipes reminds me of that old school windows pipe screensaver from many years ago.