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Well for these 480 x 800 phone wallpapers there's a pig flying, thought you'd never see that one hay. Second from the end top row is the one i like the most, what do you know its another neon lol. Anyway we have flowers, mario, plants, a circuit board and did i mention we have mario? You have probably guessed i love mario, right from the classics to the games on the nintendo wii. Once again ive included a background for of an eye, you all know how much it freaks me out having an eye as a background looking back at you. if that's your thing than go for it but i would be setting that eye on my cell phone.

That eye type image sort of creeps me out but the red water drop splash one is a great design indeed. Mario's doing some stomping as usual on his way to collect coins mushrooms and rescue the princess peach. Check out the other pages of this resolution wallpapers to download below, they only get better.

What we have below:

  • digital glass shards
  • pink reddish water drop close-up
  • pigs can fly
  • simple black and white tile drawings
  • neon color circles
  • red plant on white
  • mario
  • wine glass bamboo
  • abstract blue
  • freaky eye
  • yellow flower
  • circuit board


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