free 480x800 mobile backgrounds

here's some more colourful wallpapers for ya all. Another page another set of beauties for your phone screens. Gotta admit that shinny metal shards one is brilliant and so clear, i believe that counts as abstract right?

I was going to arrange these wallpapers into categories like i did with the 240x320's but to be honest i couldn't be bothered and i think they get better exposure being completely random.

I really like that apple logo one with all the different icons going on in the scene there, fair bit to look at but that's what you want if your sick of simple wallpapers.

These will work on the phones listed below and many more that have a 480 x 800 sized screen. that's not to say they won't work fine on other size screens but there is a chance it may look stretched and squashed.

I love using firefox and i particularly like its logo, so of course i love the firefox 480x800 wallpaper. Remember that there are 12 pages of 489x800 backgrounds to sift through so check out the rest of the pages in the links above the images.

Below We Have

  • Colorful 3d roads
  • firefox logo
  • hiphop dancer
  • pink and white flower
  • colourful glowing lights
  • orange love heart balloons
  • neon circle loops
  • digital glass candles
  • abstract orange leaves
  • shiny metal shades
  • white doorway to blue sky
  • apple logo with many images in one


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