random 851x315 facebook timeline covers

These facebook timeline covers range from photos, tv cartoon shows and abstract designs. The love heart shaped island one pops up a lot in desktop wallpapers here and there because its quite amazing. Im not really sure if its real or has been made to look that with with a graphics program. These fb covers are a perfect 851x315 resolution so they fit perfectly with no stretching or any other distortion.

Facebook timeline covers look best if they are 851x315 as thats the size that facebook allocates in pixels. You can also use these on pages and group banners but they arent 851x315 (they are 801x250) but they will still look fairly good anyway. Page covers are close enough to timeline covers that you wont notice any difference.

Timeline covers for facebook are:

  • love heart island
  • beautiful reef with fish
  • darwin from gumball
  • blue and pink crystals
  • some drawing art
  • abstract blue design

Facebook Timeline Categories

Facebook Timeline Covers

timeline cover for facebook funny clown 851x315
timeline cover for facebook feather cool background 851x315
timeline cover for facebook brain use it 851x315


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