Cool timeline covers for facebook 851x315

We have some cool popular facebook timeline covers today that are a perfect 851x315 pixels for covers. Theres a good trex one that looks like your getting eaten by a hungry dinosaur so putting a hamburger or a salad as your profile pic might be funny. We also have the popular cool story bro with the toy story theme for the text style and somones made up a similar red blue colored glasses on a pug instead of a cat. Remember to check out the other pages/categories of timmeline cover pics we have as well.

When people use their photos as timeline covers for their facebook profile they end up with a very weird proportioned looking cover. This is because facebooks timeline cover space is allocated 851x315 pixels so anything longer or higher than that ends up looking very wonky.

That twitter bird has certainly made those angry birds mad there, probably not as mad as the t-rex however. Ive always loved the colours they use on the mario bros games, especially the newer ones of the last few years.

Cool timeline covers for facebook are:

  • cool story bro
  • wood panels with painted icons
  • badboy logo
  • cool cat red blue glasses
  • girl and colored tiles
  • pug blue red colored glasses
  • cool flowers
  • mario bros 2
  • funny angry birds and twitter

Facebook Timeline Categories

Facebook Timeline Covers

trex timeline cover for facebook 851x315
pug timeline cover for facebook 851x315
girl colored facebook cover 851x315
cool sunglasses cat facebook cover 851x315
bad boy timeline cover for facebook 851x315
851x315 facebook timeline cover wood paint
851x315 cool story bro facebook timeline cover
851x315 cool flowers facebook timeline covers
mario bros 2 timeline cover facebook
angry birds twitter funny timeline cover 851x315


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