abstract facebook timeline covers 851x315

Todays facebook timeline covers theme is abstract, the simple images that are the usually the most impressive. Theres quite a bit of neon colors goin on here in 3 images, ive always loved neon graphics as well. Theres a very colorful and girly rainbow, stars and candy canes one thats probably apealing to girls. If your a geek and proud then theres a nice circuit board one for you.

If you like you can use these as any type of cover or banner on any site but they might look funny as they are designed for facebooks timeline covers which are the exact size as these images. Groups work well but pages look a bit off as they arent the same size as these profile covers.

You see that most people prefer to use photos they have taken themselves rather then facebook timeline covers they have found online. I prefer the oposite actually and like to use nice covers ive discovered over time. I alternate between a few ive been using for years that i love like a combie van at the beach one and a giant waterslide somewhere in hawii i believe.

Timeline covers above are:

  • circuit board abstract
  • neon bokeh circles
  • pink purple colored squars
  • circuit boar geek
  • rainbow stars and candy canes
  • abstract glowing neon lines
  • space and stars
  • abstract car
  • yellow and green neon glow

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timeline covers for facebook circuit abstract
timeline covers for facebook abstract neon bokeh
facebook timeline covers colored squares abstract
circuit abstract geek facebook timeline covers
candy cane and rainbows facebook timeline covers
abstract neon glow lines facebook timeline covers
facebook timeline cover space stars 851x315
cover for facebook car abstract 851x315
timeline cover yellow green neon glow 851x315


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