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These free cute mobile wallpapers are nice for girls and i suppose some guys might like them too. You may download these for your phone right off our website or with your pc first and then transfer across or access directly via your handset and save the image. These free mobile backgrounds are quite bright and colorful and sill appeal to someone you know so please mention these cute cell phone wallpapers to everyone you know and bookmark us using the social book marking dock at the top of the page.

Dont forget that we have a link below to the second page which consists of many more cute wallpapers for phones, you should check it out when your done on this page. In addition to this category there are a whole bunch of categories listed below with equally as impressive backgrounds i urge you to check out before you leave, you won't be disappointed with the work ive put into sorting these out. Cute love heart wallpapers for mobile have proven to be on of the most popular categories through our entire website.

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  • Pink stars
  • White and blue stripes
  • purple wind dancer
  • rainbow
  • circles
  • Hearts
  • Funky swirls
  • Love Hearts
  • Lady Beetle

240x320 Mobile Categories

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here's some very cute swirl and rainbow color wallpapers for phones with lots of colors, stars and hearts etc to give your phone a bit of cuteness. cute wallpaper for mobile phone are a major search in the background industry with hundreds of thousands of searches being done each week and millions over the period of a year alone.

These will look the best of the specified phone screen sizes but can still be used on bigger screen but they won't look as clear at bigger sizes unless you centre the picture and dont fill the whole screen with it if your cell phone supports doing that. there's cute love wallpapers for phones and many different colored patterns and things to download in 240x320 and 320x480 resolutions.

You can set one as a lock screen, one as a background and even one for when someone special rings you. So what are you waiting for, get some of these 240x320 and 320x480 cute wallpapers for your phone now right off this page by saving the images onto your cell phone.


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