Free Tennis Mobile Phone Wallpapers 240x320 320x480

Oh you tennis fans (me included) will love these free tennis mobile phone wallpapers on your cell phone to show off your love of the sport tennis. I love that time of year when its on tv and love the atmosphere that it brings plus the smack sound in the background lol. A lot of people dont like the sport for some reason they think its boring but i think it takes a lot of skill and stamina, something im just not fit enough to do especially when the matches can go on for so long.

Tennis was invented in 1873 by an english guy named major walter c but was different back then one reason being that the court was shaped like an hour glass and was called Sphairistik�. Sphairistik� means playing ball in greek which is weird seeing the guy who invented tennis was english. Any who please enjoy these 3 tennis mobile phone backgrounds for 240x320 and 320x480 devices and cell phones.

  • ball
  • """
  • """
  • serving the ball
  • roger federer
  • roger again
  • nice court
  • player art
  • balls
  • ball on court
  • heather watson australian open 2014
  • more balls
  • aus open 2014