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Free 240x320 And 320x480 Size Mobile Phone Wallpapers

Welcome to our VERY LARGE 240x320 and 320x480 size mobile wallpapers section. There's so many wallpapers for your phone its just not funny.

Just a few models that are supported by this resolution

  • Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

  • LG Optimus Me P350

  • Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

  • LG Optimus Chat C550

  • LG Optimus Slider, LS700, Gelato Q

  • LG Optimus S, U, V

  • LG Optimus Hub

  • LG Optimus T

  • LG Optimus Net

  • LG Optimus One P500

  • LG GT540 Optimus

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

  • Sony Xperia Go

  • HTC Desire C

Here's our very big 240 x 320 and 320 x 480 categories. We have been working on it for quite some time and enjoy adding more categories and backgrounds to these pages. Some categories of 240 x 320 and 320 x 480 backgrounds are spanned over several pages. We have arranged these categories quite well, just chose a thumbnail image below to go to that category and you'll see all mobile backgrounds within that category.

Currently we have 32 categories of free wallpaper for mobile.

This section of the site is the most populated, containing so many categories with alot of images per category. I spent ALOT of time creating this section and really do hope you all enjoy it. Each background has the option of selecting 2 sizes, please make sure you select the right size so that it comes out right on your phone. You can access this section directly through your phone when on the go. Then all you need to do is open a wallpaper, save it to your phone and then select set as wallpaper.

The main categories consist of:

  • flowers

  • plants

  • pixel blur

  • funky

  • funny

  • love

  • colorful

  • windows

  • body art

  • patterns

  • computer

  • digital

  • animated

  • cartoons

  • love hearts

  • girly

  • nature

  • art

  • music

  • patterns and textures

  • nokia

  • sony ericsson

  • quirky

  • celebrations

  • cars

  • brands

  • sports

  • animals

  • structures

  • flags and countries

  • space


free buzz lightyear 320x480 cellphone backgroundfree cell phone background love hearts colors 320x480free cell phone wallpapers colorful love hearts 320x480free cell phone wallpapers blue butterflies 320x480free cellphone backgrounds colored circles 320x480free mobile phone wallpapers green bird chick 320x480free mobile phone wallpapers love hearts spray paint 320x480

free cellphone wallpapers rainbow colors 320x480free cellphone wallpapers green tree frog leaf 320x480toy story 3 mobile phone wallpapers 320x480free mobile wallpapers electro music 320x480free mobile wallpaper neon flame rainbow colors 320x480free mobile wallpaper neon colored smoke 320x480

free mobile phone wallpapers clown fish nemo 320x480free mobile phone backgrounds electro dj 320x480Free mobile backgrounds cartoon ice cream 320x480Free mobile backgrounds cartoon abstract neon blue lines 320x480free mobile background love hearts 320x480yellow tang aquarium fish mobile wallpapers 320x480free mobile background 320x480 240x320 useable

Each category page has a size under each wallpaper, these are 240 x 320 and 320 x 480 sizes. Just select your phone size and your wallpaper will load. If your phones screen resolution is very close to these sizes you should be fine using these cellphone backgrounds.

The must see's below would have to be art, animated, digital, love hearts, funky, and funny. The funky category consists of backgrounds with neon colors. The love hearts category has a ton of images in it. The digital category has a lot of computer generated graphics including glass and water too. Patterns has a lot of simple colored images that arnt invasive while still providing bright color at the same time.

We are interested in designers that use photoshop etc to create phone graphics and are willing to let us distribute them on our website for free. This is a good way to get exposure for your work in the industry. Drop us an email if you are interested in design and would like to create some content for us.


beautiful flowers mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480



plants mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480



Pixel blurr mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480

Pixel Blur


Neon lights free cell phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



funny wallpapers for mobile phones 240x320 320x480



love mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480



colourful moible wallpaper 240x320 320x480



windows mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480



body art mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480

Body Art


patterns mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480



free windows mobile wallpaper computer 240x320 320x480



Water drop ripple cell phone wallpapers 240x320 320x480



free cartoon phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



Animated aquarium mobile phone wallpapers 240x320 320x480



best wallpaper for mobile love heart digital 240x320 320x480

Love Hearts


cute mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480



free nature mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



art mobile wallpaper 240x320 320x480



free music wallpaper for cellphone 240x320 320x480



textures and patterns mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480

Textures And Patterns


free nokia mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



free mobile phone wallpaper sony ericsson 240x320 320x480

Sony Ericsson


Exit mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



free christmas mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



sports cars mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480



Nike free mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480



free sports cell phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



tiger phone wallpapers 240x320 320x480



buildings and structures mobile phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480



flags and countries cell phone wallpaper 240x320 320x480

Flags And Countries


Tennis balls free phone wallpapers 240x320 320x480


earth space planet mobile wallpapers 240x320 320x480






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